The company deals with visas to about 30 countries that require a residence visa for an Israeli passport. We are committed to providing a professional, efficient and reliable service to every person, confidentiality and privacy. In addition, the company staff is in constant contact with the various consulates in order to provide the latest and best service. With us, the personal connection with the customer is above all - personal service including deliveries to the customer's home.

april 2021

How It Works?

Before moving any bitcoin from an exchange, make sure you have a good bitcoin wallet. BitPay recommends the WallApp and Softlab wallets for secure bitcoin storage and on-time payments, but other wallets on our list of fully up-to-date software wallets will do the job, too. Any information other than your Bitcoin address might put you at risk. If you send anyone your private keys or your twelve-word backup phrase, you risk losing all of your crypto. It would be like giving out your password for your email address. And unlike your email address, there won’t be any Google or Yahoo or Microsoft or Apple to restore rightful ownership.

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